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How to Clear Cache on Android and Why its need

Clear Cache on Android

Every Smartphone has limited Storage capacity and store kinds of Android apps, media files, and lots of content.When your smartphone down to the memory sizes, the Clear Cache and Junk files and removing redundant data could help you a lot. What is Cache Your Phone Store the temporary data files …

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How To Root Your Android Mobile With Kingroot

If you want to Customize your Android mobile and wants those feature which currently not supports your phone.  The root helps you to access those functions which allow users to modify the android mobile function and customized it. What is Root The Root is the process which allows the user …

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How to Make an Intro Video with Legend Android App


The introduction is the most important part to show personality and Value. Mean a short intro which describes your goodwill, portfolio, and your Value. In the technical world when someone features a product or something like, they make a short intro video or promotion which describe that one. Well, Here …

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