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Fing : The Multi-Utility App which help you to Control and secure the Personal Network

Maybe, There will be lots of times you had been faced the slow internet or your internet speed is good but technically did not gather the proper speed, and even you have not knowledge about how many people are using your Wifi or your personal network.


fing app

Well, there is an App called Fing which comes with the amazing technical features, and with this app, you can see who is stealing the internet or using your Wifi or network and even you can perform the action against the Subject. Well, The main feature of Fing is scanning and discovering all the devices on the same network that it’s running on, Now this app has many features like Wifi Scanner, SMB Server, Internet Speed Test, FTP, Trace Root, track the user and its activities, Know the Device And Gadget Detail Like MAC Address, IP Address, Device Manufacturer and Much More, we will describe some of the Features. Once you open the Application it will automatically initiate and discover the devices over the same network. You can see all of their IP addresses, their names, and MAC addresses.

Fing - Network Tools
Fing - Network Tools
Developer: Fing Limited
Price: Free+

Test Internet Speed

Yes, you don’t have the need to carry any extra app to check the internet speed, find the initially added these feature were you can test the internet speed.

Fing Internet Speed

Just Tap on network option which is shown in middle bottom on the UI Bar and check the first option.

Ping websites

Ping is a computer network administration software utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol network.

Ping on Fing

Fing have this one also where you can test the Site visibility time.

Trace Website

Find have another one tool name Trace the root/website. there are little tricky in PING and Trace but there is a huge difference.

Trace root on Fing

The main difference between Ping and Traceroute is that Ping is a quick and easy utility to tell if the specified server is reachable and how long will it take to send and receive data from the server whereas Traceroute finds the exact route taken to reach the server and time taken by each step. [Ref: geeksforgeeks]

Share and Get the file over the network

Yes, this is true with Fing App you can transfer the file over the same network, Fing supports FTP and SMB, you don’t have the need to any other app. lets clear with step by step…

On the Front page of Fing App, you will see the list of devices, now the select the victim device (PC) name on click on it, then tap on more option and select the Open port option,

Step First

Then wait until 100% of searching and you will see an open port 445 Microsoft SAMBA[SMB] port. just click on it and fill the PC username or Password (absolutely you knows user the pass) that’s it you will see the whole PC’s file on your mobile.

Step second

and Fing has many options and feature like this one which is amaze you. But remember these all instruction are trying it to own personal network, we are not promoting the hacking, even ethical hacking, this one is for educational purpose only.

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