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Google Play Beta

Step by step instructions to Become a Beta Tester for the Google App on Android

In this time there are globally lots of Android users who use Android operating system based mobile, and a mobile contains many applications like the informational app, educational app, gaming app, even we can’t count there are many kinds of category. and everyone is related to different fields like IT sector, HR, Cooking and much more, etc. but if you are using apps which is truly helpful for you usage on daily basis and  you wouldn’t want to keep aside that app because its for your daily usage, like Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, Browser, Camera and filters, editing App and lots of.

And now we going to tell you about a feature of Google Play Store which helps you to keep update your android application with the latest updates and patches, called Google Beta Programme.

Beta Tester

The Google Beta programme gives you the opportunity to help the developer by testing the pre-release and updated version of the app where you can test the unreleased features and updates.

You have two option to Enroll the Beta Programme via Link/URL or via Google Play Store.

If you want to join Google Play beta world first you should have to signup via this link and Click on became a tester when you visit the link it shows you the Default Google App, you have to just edit the URL and  paste that app code which you want to join as Beta tester

join beta tester

Click on it Become A Tester Link then wait for a few minutes, it takes a couple of minutes and after that, you can use that Application as a Beta tester program.

And if you want to leave the Beta programme you have to follow the same step as you join that time.

leave beta tester

Just visit on Play Store Application > Then Select or Search that app which you wanna use as Beta version, > Click on It > scroll down > At Bottom you will See the Option to join as Beta tester. Just Click on it and wait for a couple of minutes then go back to play store and search that previous App you joined as a beta tester and Now you will that app asking you for Update, Update the app and enjoy the pre-release features of that App.

If you want to use that application as a normal user follow the Same Procedure Apply As You use at Enrollment time. Just Search the App or Open PlayStore > Scroll down> Select My Apps And games > You Will An Another tab (BETA), which shows you only Enrolled apps Click one of the App and Scroll down And Select Leave Option.

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