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Cast the Screen in Windows 10

How To Cast Your Android Screen To Windows 10

Cast your Android Screen to Windows 10 PC or Laptop through Connect. Yes, You heard right Windows 10 offer you to Share your Android Screen through Miracast via Connect App. Connect App allows the user to Share the Android Screen Wirelessly without any Software, It comes as the preloaded app in windows 10. This feature rolled out with Windows 10 Update-1607 version and Now, Currently we are using the version 1809 and Microsoft is planning to release version 1903.

Check the Requirement

But first, you have to check about your PC specification to support the Miracast or not, the DirectX Diagnostic tool allows you to check the PC specifications along with Software and Hardware details.

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Type “dxdiag” in Command Prompt. it will show all the information which relate to your PC or Laptop just save these details as a text file then open it and in System Requirement section you will see the Miracast, if its show the available that means you can use your laptop as a Cast Device or if its show Un-available/Not Found it means your Laptop/PC doesn’t support that functionality.

dxdiag through CMD
dxdiag through CMD – © AndroWizard

But Don’t worry you can use this feature with External Device called Chromecast/Anycast, it’s a hardware device which allows the share screen/Cast through the external device.

or You can Buy Cast Device from here.

Cast the Screen

Connect Application in Windows 10
Connect Application in Windows 10 – © AndroWizard

In Windows 10 An app Called Connect which gives you accessibility to share Screen. Click the Windows button then search the Connect then Click and Open it.

Now on Android device, Swipe down the notification bar and select the Cast/Miracast, as you can see the image at below. then wait until the device appears after that select the device and check on the windows screen.

Android Cast Settings
Android Cast Settings – © AndroWizard.

you can also go through Settings, you have to Go in settings and select Cast under the display Category.

Settings > Display > Cast.

and Make sure your wifi is must be enabled in android and laptop both.

Cast Screen Successful
Cast Screen Successful – © AndroWizard.


Try with Own Laptop/PC and comment below share your experience.

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