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Android Chrome Flags

The Best Android Chrome Flags: You Need to Know and Try Once.

Google Chrome is one of the most Successful Android Application and globally users love this app because of its feature and tweak not for it comes as a preloaded app. it is widely used for its run time, speed visibility, smooth interface and it has more feature which we are going to tell you. have you ever heard about chrome flags.

Well,  Chrome://Flags allow the user to some changes and customization in Android Google Chrome. and here we going to tell you about the Android Chrome flag hack and Trick which give you the amazing experience in Chrome.

Google Chrome: Fast & Secure
Google Chrome: Fast & Secure

How to Access Chrome Flags

First of all, you have to Type Chrome://Flags in the Chrome address bar. then you will see lots of Customization option in a list format which really boggle your mind. So, let’s try the tweaks which help you to enhance Chrome’s experience.

Chrome Dark Mode

Recently Google Chrome Added this feature for Android and Windows User, Now you can use the dark interface with Google Chrome’s new update Ver.74, Android Dark mode is available for Basic User and You can enable it via   Setting.

Chrome Dark Mode

or via Chrome Flag if the option is not available in Settings. You have to type in address bar Chrome://Flags and search Dark Mode. it will show you the result of relating to Dark mode then Select Android Chrome UI Dark mode then Enable it and Re-launch the App. You will see the new interface with Dark Visibility.

Horizontal Tab Switcher.

Horizontal Tab

If you bored with Default tab UI as swipe Up to Down, here you have another option to change the Layout of Tabs. Yes, you heard right you can change the default tab layout with Horizontal Tab layout. You have to search in Chrome Flag bar Horizontal Tab and select Enable Horizontal Tab Switcher Once you Enable that and Relaunch the App, you will see your Tab Layout show you the full view of Content.

Download UI

Download Home v2

You can also able to change the Download UI bar with new Download bar. The new Download UI will really amaze you, and here in New Download Bar, You will see a few changes like Download location, Category Wise Download, Article news section, Download pages. To Enable it Type in Chrome Flag Download Home V2 and Enable it. and Enjoy the New interface.

Reader Mode

By the way Reader Mode is a Default function which helps you to Read article and Content without any kind of ads, means there are many sites which used ads services, but sometimes ads disturb you to read the particular content, that why chrome has an option which helps you read the particular article without any ads.

Reader mode

Well, This function comes with default setting but you can force this function to see all content as Simplified Mode. Search in Flag bar Reader mode triggering Enable it and you will Show Simplified View on every page at the bottom. Even you can adjust the Text size and use screen as Dark Mode by Click on Setting option on the top in Simplified Mode.

Chrome Duet

Chrome Duet

If you are missing some Basic feature at you Google Chrome HomeScreen like Home Button or you feel irritated to handle the action with both hand, here Chrome Duet flag helps you to reprise the older layout with some additional feature like Search Button, Home, Back, Forward, Sharing option and Tab bar, etc. you have to search Chrome Duet in Flag bar and Enable to use this feature.

Custom Context menu

As the name defines all, that menu or function which help you to explain the Subject. when you long press on any link or image you have no idea is it that links you select or another else. the Custom Context menu helps you see the subject which you select. To Enable it Search in the Flag Bar Custom context and you will get that kind of result as per the above image.

Article Appearance

There are Lots of articles or Suggested news result gives you at your Google Chrome Homescreen by default, Have you know you can also disable it if you don’t want this feature. With Chrome Flag you can disable it, Search in Flag bar Article or Show Server Side suggestion and Disable it, Once you have done just relaunch the App. Voila, you will see half of your Screen is Blank which is amazing.

Grid View

Grid Tab

Google Chrome Recently added this feature in Flag, Grid Mode allow you to Show the Tab as Grid View Layout, This is Another one feature for Tab layout.  The First one is Default then Next is Horizontal Page View and This one is Grid View. Our Grid View experience is Totally amazing it helps you to fast access on Pages. Search Grid view in Flag and you will see the only single result for Grid View Just Enable it and amaze your experience.

If we left something or you found something new, tell us in the Comments section.

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