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Cloudflare Warp VPN

Cloudflare Introduced the VPN Service for Faster, Private and Secure Internet

A VPN service creates a safe and encrypted connection over a less secure network to prevent data stealing and hacking, there are many service provider who gives you the best VPN services, and Now Cloudflare revealed the own first VPN App service called WARP on 1st April and claiming the fastest service provider, which is now available for Android and IOS users. Warp VPN

This app doesn’t Apply on your browser rather then applies on your phone’s all application by default to encrypt the information.  As per Cloudflare :

Your Internet service provider can see every site and app you use—even if they’re encrypted. Some providers even sell this data or use it to target you with ads.But with Warp prevents anyone from snooping on you by encrypting more of the traffic leaving your phone We believe privacy is a right. We won’t sell your data, ever.

 Lets See and Lookup the App.

Take a look at the app-view

Warp app

First of all, you have to install this app and this app gives you genuine result at the initial level. its look in material design, and after that, follow the formalities you will find the connect option which is similar to other VPN apps.

Warp Connect

Also, this app will give you another feature is the dark mode, this will give you an amazing experience. to enable the dark mode you have to go setting section then there second last option is for the dark mode just enable it and see the hows is it look.

Warp dark modeNow at this time Warp is Available only for Android and IOS and You can install the app for Android or for iOS here. but this will be available for windows soon, there are many VPN service provider who gives you services but they give you Ads also. but Warp is the only one who gives you the best n best service at this time like Fast service, Ads free, encryption, prevent the data stealing and there are many reasons to choose the Warp.

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